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Статьи автора Хань Сяо
PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal, 2023-3
Han X. - Capriccio for piano and orchestra by I. Stravinsky (between baroque and modern style models) c. 1-10


Abstract: The object of the study is the work of I. F. Stravinsky of the neoclassical period. The subject of the study is Capriccio for piano and Orchestra, which is a vivid example of the manifestation of the composer's neoclassical approaches. The purpose of the work is to identify the principles of the correlation of "old" and "new" stylistic models in this essay. The research involved theoretical and empirical research methods, including analysis, generalization and systematization of scientific sources, stylistic analysis of I. Stravinsky's Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra. As a result of a detailed examination of the first part of the composition, some features of the figurative structure, form formation, intonation, harmonic language, texture are revealed. When considering Stravinsky's work, the main attention is paid to the composer's practical mastering of musical dialects of the past and present. In particular, a detailed analysis of the first part of the Capriccio makes it possible to detect manifestations of musical experience of both past eras – Baroque, classicism, Romanticism, and modernity (first of all, at the level of pitch and metrorhythmic features of the work). It is concluded that, taking as a basis the compositional idea of a baroque concerto, assimilating stylistic models of various epochs within one composition, Stravinsky creates an independent, modern composition, which is one of the variants of the composer's "neoclassical" reading of the concert genre.
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